Aquabot Pool Rover Jr. Robotic Above-Ground Pool Cleaner

The Aquabot Pool Rover Jr. Robotic Above-Ground Pool Cleaner is a quality product made by Aqua Products.

Equipped with floating cable measuring 40 feet, the Aquabot Rover Jr. can effectively cover almost every shape and size of pools. Setting up the device is very easy. You only have to drop the device inside your pool and watch it clean.  This is one of the most popular robotic automatic pool cleaner models currently on the market.


Aquabot Pool Rover Jr Features at a Glance

• Powerful 24 volts motor
• Built-in filtration and pump system
• No need for remembering when to turn off the machine, as there is a convenient timer for shut off
• Reusable fine filter bag (2 microns)
• Floating cable measuring 40 feet
• Motor warranty for one year

Aquabot Rover Jr. has a self-propelled jet system for propulsion, drawing power from a 24-volt motor. It features a powerful vacuum suction ability, allowing it to clean nearly every inch of your pool. Both bacteria and algae will be cleared.

You can easily set the guidance system in the Aquabot Rover. The shut-off timer is an added convenience, appreciated by many users.

Product Advantages

• Simple set up procedure
• Fully automatic operations
• Reasonably priced
• Built-in pump and filtration system
• Filter bag of 2 microns, which can clean algae and remove bacteria effectively

Product Disadvantages

• Use is limited to above-ground pools with flat bottoms
• It is a bit difficult to get the unit cleaned

Automatic Pool Cleaner Review as per Customer Feedback

Most customers have left positive reviews about Aquabot Rover, and only a few were left disappointed by the model. Overall, this device has a strong four star rating after nearly 100 reviews at Amazon. Features that people were impressed by include the size of the filter bag, the simple setup and overall ease of operation.

Here are some feedback from actual users of this model:

“…This is the best $300 I have spent in a long time! The Rover is the perfect equipment for cleaning pools above ground.”

“…My Aquabot Rover is now four years old, and I wouldn’t have to replace it, if I had not left it in the pool always. There is nothing wrong with the device, only the 40 feet cable has been chewed on by some animal.”

“…This product, I purchased at the start of summer, and since that time I did not require to use my hand vacuum. It is a great relief to know, I can cool off after work, without bothering about pool cleaning.



The Aquabot Pool Rover Jr. is a great robotic model and one of our top choices. As long as you have an above ground pool, this pool cleaner will definitely make your pool cleaning chores much simpler – allowing you to spend more of your time actually enjoying your pool!

Additional Details about the Product

27 pounds shipping weight
APRVJR is the model number of this item