Those who have a pool in their backyard know how daunting it can be to clean things up all by yourself. Even though there is no better way to cool down during the summer, cleaning the pool take the fun out of a perfect day. Fortunately there are several solutions you can now consider in order to make the maintenance process a whole lot easier. Save precious time by investing in a pool cleaner and invest that time in your friends and family. A great is also a great way to maintain a clean and safe environment so your loved ones feel comfortable each and every time they end up swimming or just relaxing on a hot summer day.

Choosing the best pool cleaner can be time consuming though especially for those who have no idea how these devices work. We’ve taken the time to go through many pool cleaner reviewsand also test some out just for your benefit. After thorough investigations and research a list of products stood out. All have excellent features and address all important market ranges in terms of price or pool size.


Do people really need pool cleaners?

Pools have become a popular sight in several states across the US. They vary a lot in shape of size but have one thing in common: maintenance. All require constant care which is not the most pleasant of experiences. Using the pool on a regular basis means you always have to have clean water. Depending on the environment you will have to spend more or less time removing debris and other unwanted things that end up in a pool especially if it is not covered. Large pools can really be a problem considering some like swimming every day. Why spend hours cleaning it when you could spend that time relaxing. In order to do so you should invest in the best pool cleaner 2014. There are dozens of options for you to choose from and several features to consider. Different models tend to different issues which means you will have to know a thing or two before actually buying something. Even so, it will be worth the effort. A top end pool cleaner will spare you a lot of time, and there is nothing more important than time.


These are the top choices you have:

Our rating
Best Price on:
Dolphin 99996323 Dolphin Nautilus Robotic Pool CleanerDolphin 99996323 Dolphin Nautilus 12 month warranty – spare parts and labor. $$$$ A+ Amazon
Baracuda G3 W03000 Automatic Pool CleanerBaracuda G3 W03000 1-year warranty on manufacturer defects and wear and tear; 2-year warranty on hose $$$ B+ Amazon
Hayward 900 Above-Ground Automatic Pool CleanerHayward 900 Above-Ground One (1) Year Limited Warranty on Product, see Owner’s Manual for a full description of warranty claims and coverage details. $$ A Amazon
Pentair GW8000 Automatic Pool CleanerPentair GW8000 One-year limited warranty $$ B+ Amazon
Aquabot Robotic S2-40 Pool CleanerAquabot Robotic S2-40 Pool Cleaner One Year Warranty $$$ B Amazon
Polaris Vac-Sweep 65 6-130-00 Pool Cleaner 1 year manufacture warranty $$$ B Amazon

Dolphin 99996323 Dolphin Nautilus Robotic Pool Cleaner


Dolphin 99996323 Dolphin NautilusThe Dolphin stands out through its impressive power and precision. It is constructed in such a way it can deal with some of the most demanding situations when it comes to cleaning pools. It will not only vacuum debris but it will also filter and scrub your average sized pool in just 3 hours. It is just as easy to clean as it is easy to use. It is one of the best pool cleaners 2014 on the market because of its versatility and speed.

“I went for this robotic pool cleaner from Dolphin because it had excellent feedback from satisfied customers. In just a few hours it cleans all my pools surface of any kind of debris. It doesn’t get stuck up inclines either.” – Stevie L. Olson



Baracuda G3 W03000 Automatic Pool Cleaner


Baracuda G3 W03000The G3 is one of the best cleaners out there. It is very efficient while still being able not to make too much noise. This is definitely a feature to look for as most people use their cleaners while relaxing by the pool. It is the perfect device to have if you want quick results. Just start it in the morning, take a few hours to get a tan and then relax in the freshly cleaned pool. According to many pool cleaner reviews, the Baracuda will have no problem with the shape of the pool and will even clean the stairs which go into the water. It comes with an anti-stick mechanism and it has a long hose which is more than enough to cover even the largest of pools.

“I got Baracuda G3 W03000 automatic pool cleaner for a discounted price and I am more than satisfied with its pool cleaning ability. It was easy to set up and doesn’t get stuck when it has to clean my pool’s steps. I found out about this model from reading the best pool cleaner reviews 2014.” – John P. Schmidt



Hayward 900 Above-Ground Automatic Pool Cleaner


Hayward 900 Above-GroundThe Hayward 900 Above-Ground Automatic Pool Cleaner is one of the most popular cleaners out there. It can easily be considered the best pool cleaner 2014 because of its excellent features. It addresses all your needs without asking too much in return. The great price tag and the patented technology it incorporates will make you praise the day you’ve decided it is worth your time. It comes with SmartDrive steering which will never allow it to get stuck and it will never let you know it is even there. It is very silent while still being able to effortlessly clean your above ground swimming pool in no time.

“For a very affordable price I’ve managed to get my hands on Hayward 900 automatic pool cleaner. After several months of using it extensively I’m convinced it’s a top model and might even be the best pool cleaner 2014 in this price range.” – Patrick Coleman



Pentair GW8000 Automatic Pool Cleaner


Pentair GW8000This cleaner is one of the easiest to use. It has pre-programed cycles which will solve all your problems. All you need to do is choose the right program and sit back. It is fast and highly efficient compared to others. It even comes with several cleaning paths so it will not matter how the pool is shaped. Last but not least, the Pentair GW8000 is one of the most durable cleaners out there.

“Getting this automatic pool cleaner from Pentair was a great idea. No more manually cleaning my pool, this job is done by my new cleaner and it acquits itself brilliantly of it. When I had to first install it, I didn’t encounter any complicated steps.”  – Joseph T.



Aquabot Robotic S2-40 Pool Cleaner


Aquabot Robotic S2-40 Pool CleanerThe Aquabot Robotic S2-40 Pool Cleaner is one of the most innovative devices on the pool cleaning market. The great thing about it is it will clean even the bottom of your pool without any effort on your behalf. It is one of the most versatile cleaners out there because of its ability to go up inclines or wall coves. It can handle any type of pool and it can clean any surface. According to its manufacturers, this cleaner will cover as much as 8000 ft. per hour which means it will finish the job very fast.

“I wasn’t satisfied with my old pool cleaner which left a lot of debris behind, so I bought this new generation Aquabot. I just turn it on and it does the rest. In two to three hours, all my pool is spotless and because it works so well for me, I think it’s the one of the best pool cleaners”– Marsha Dang

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Polaris Vac-Sweep 65 6-130-00 Pool Cleaner


This pool cleaner has the ability to tackle all sorts of surfaces and shapes. Your pool will be cleaned properly regardless of the fact that it is built out of vinyl of fiberglass. It can go as deep as 5 feet which is more than enough for your average pool. It will handle all sorts of debris which usually sets on the bottom of the pool. The Polaris Vac-Sweep 65 6-130-00 Pool Cleaner offers great value for money and it performs impeccably each and every time.

“This Polaris Vac-Sweep pool cleaner is worth every cent I paid for it because it does a great job cleaning my pool once a week. Every inch is cleaned properly, whether it has to go up inclines or on my pool’s side steps. I give this pool cleaner a 5 star rating.” – Kyle R. Morton



Aquabot APRVJR Pool Rover Above-Ground Pool Cleaner


Aquabot APRVJR Pool RoverThe Aquabot APRVJR will handle any shape or surface. It can vacuum and filter water like no other and it will do so while keeping things quiet. All you have to do is activate it. It has no problem cleaning stairways or inclines. It can handle obstacles and it can cover a lot of space because of the 40 feet of cable provided by the manufacturers. It is the perfect cleaner to have around if you own a medium-sized pool.

“The best pool cleaner reviews were my main source of info regarding Aquabot APRVJR pool cleaner. I bought it and after putting it to the test, I’ve come to realize I made an excellent decision. It makes short work of all types of debris and doesn’t get jammed up when going over inclines.” – Francis Wolfe



Zodiac F5 Polaris Pool Cleaner


Zodiac F5 PolarisThe F5 is one of those products which barely gets a negative review. It seems perfect in every way. It can handle any type of pool and it can do so in no time. It is easy to install and it can do a lot more than vacuum. It also comes with a scrubbing function and also a sweeping setting. It is one of the most highly praised cleaners on the market because of the great value for money it provides.

“Zodiac F5 Polaris Pool cleaner scrubs and sweeps my pool’s surface, leaving no piece of dirt in its wake. It only takes it around 2 hours to finish cleaning my pool and the excellent results make be believe I have bought one of the best pool cleaners this year.” – John D. Wright


Pentair GW9500 Kreepy Krauly Automatic Pool Cleaner


new automatic pool cleaners 2014This automatic cleaner is among the best within its price range. It is evenly efficient with all types of surfaces and it has no problem when it comes to different materials like vinyl of fiberglass. It has a very efficient steering mechanism which will never allow it to get stuck. It is easy to set up and even easier to use. According to most pool cleaner reviews, it can handle constant use without deteriorating which means it offers excellent value for money. It is definitely an investment worth making.

“All my pool is thoroughly cleaned by this model, which I bought for a very affordable price. The customer reports presented it as a very durable model and in the months I’ve had it, Pentair GW9500 hasn’t shown any signs of deterioration.” – Forrest K. Delgado



What are your options when looking for the best pool cleaners 

With so many options available on the market, choosing the right pool cleaner may come off as a bit of a handful. We’ll offer both generic technical info and particular products which may fit your needs. There is no point wasting time on research when all you need to know is that there are a few basic features to check out and a few brands to consider.

The most popular pool cleaners currently available are known as no pressure-side, no suction-side or inflatable. Each have their downsides and their upsides. The second thing you need to know is that there are a bunch of manufacturers which should be on top of your list as soon as you decide to go shopping.  The best brans you may want to check out are: Pool Buster, Haywards, Kauleys, Kreepy, Polaris, Baracuda and Hayward Viper. Keep in mind that some of these products should be able to gobble up twigs, stones and other large debris. Remember not to spend your money on features you don’t need though.


How much should you spend on a pool cleaner?

When it comes to price, you should firstly consider your basic needs. Some pools even if larger than others may not need such high maintenance because of the area in which you live in. The best pool cleaners 2014 come with price tags varying between $400 and $900. Don’t worry about the fact that some products may seem expensive. You will get your money back in time. Most pool cleaners are durable and save you a lot of time which added up over the years will definitely make up for your financial effort. The price of a pool cleaner is higher or lower depending on the features it provides.  It can even save you money on electric bills as filter pumps tend to use more energy if clogged.


The best pool cleaner  will take care of debris and will not only keep the water ready for you to swim in but will also prolong the life of additional parts such as filters. Considering all that, paying around $650 for a pool cleaner does not sound too much.