Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner Review (Updated Aug. 2018)

Cleaning pools is hard and choosing the right pool cleaner can be even harder!

But, recently - there has been a buzz about the Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner as one of the best in the market.

Catching on this buzz, our team decided to test it ourselves. But, before getting into in-depth review, here is a quick overview of this amazing product.

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  • Very easy to carry.
  • Weighs only 36.2 lbs.
  • With one system (single purchase) you get 4 types of cleaning robots
  • Efficient and quick cleaning


  • There will be situations when it would be difficult to clean

Now, that we’ve had an overview about robotic pool cleaner, let’s have an in-depth review about this product.

Before, moving forward - we believe it’s important to have a clear idea about how to choose the best pool cleaner for yourself?

So, we will have a quick review about what makes a great pool cleaner and what are the things to note before purchasing one…

How to Choose the Best robotic pool cleaner in the Market?

It should be noted that while one pool cleaner could prove to be good for one person, it might not do really well for someone else.

There are 3 main factors to consider when buying a robotic pool cleaner :

  • Size of your pool
  • Pool type 
  • You budget.
dolphin premier robotic pool clear how to buy the best pool cleaner

What are the Things to Note Before Getting a Pool Cleaner?

Once done, look for the best pool cleaner that caters for all of the aforementioned points. 

A couple of important things to note are…

Price, features, reliability and customer support.

Other than that, it is important to note what would be the lifespan of the pool cleaner. Though this depends mostly on external factors like pool chemistry, amount of use and pool surface - but, you should still have an approximate idea. 

What are the other things to consider for a robotic pool cleaner?

Moreover, it also depends on factors such as...

The pool type and its specific cleaning requirements. 

Here, we would like to insist that you should never ignore other variables like cleaning cycles and filtration rate.

premier robotic pool cleaner - dolphine supreme pool cleaner

With this said, let’s have a thorough review of dolphin premier robot pool cleaner so that you can make an informed choice before the purchase.

Note that, we have shared this after rigorous testing and evaluation.

Why You Should Buy the Dolphin Premier Robot Pool Cleaner?

Having a pool cleaner that fulfills all your requirements is definitely a blessing.

So, what does this section consist of?

In this section we will try to explore various features of dolphin supreme pool cleaner so that you can make an informed choice before actually purchasing the product.

MultiMedia - Clean All Sorts of Material in your Pool

Cleaning your pool has never been easier. Now, you can choose from the following four types of media : Micro-cartridges, standard cartridges, over-sized debris bag and disposable debris bags.

And clean all types of material including :

Fine debris, algae, bushel of leaves etc.

In a nutshell, multiple media is a really good solution for your pool cleaning problems.

High Quality Rubber Tracks for Great Grip

This is one of the best features of Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner. The HyperGrip rubber tracks have superb performance and contribute to the following qualities in the product :agility, maneuverability and climbing performance.

These rubber tracks also enhance the precision and save battery life by avoiding slippage.

Great Navigation for Improved Efficiency and Faster Cleaning

SmartNav™ Robotic Scanning allows this pool cleaner to carefully scan the pool and calculate the most optimal pattern of maneuvering in the pool for efficient and resourceful cleaning.

Unlike other pool cleaners (most of which don’t even have this system), this one performed way better. The calculation of pathway was remarkable and everything worked really well. 

At this point, it is worth noting that this pool cleaner does not have any sort of artificial intelligence and hence does not “learn” the pattern of your pool.

It creates a new mapping sequence before each operation.

Dolphin premier cleaner new design!

360 degrees cable swivel is one of the most “required” engineering designs when it comes to robotic pool cleaners. This is because of the fact that a lot of these cleaners got tangled and the owners had to face numerous unforeseen issues because of it.

However, this swivel does not need any maintenance and you can use it freely.

Super Efficient DC Motors in Dolphin Supreme Pool Cleaner

To give you a comparison…

Old conventional pool cleaners used to burn a staggering 1470 watts while this one only consumes 180 watts.

On a relative scale, it is only 5 cents per hour.

The installed 3000 RPM DC motor can provide up to five times the rated torque. Moreover, this happens while consuming only 24 volts which is 87% less energy as compared to the conventional AC motors in old pool cleaners. 

The power supply unit connected to these batteries is kept outside. Please note that you should keep it safe from water as it would damage the internal components.

Superb Scrubbing of Dolphin Supreme

What’s so special about this type of pool’s cleaning?

During the tests and on various surfaces, we found that premier robotic pool cleaner performs really well when it comes to scrubbing.

This includes the tile and waterline surface. It also plants itself against the wall and cleans it super efficiently.

Easy Maintenance of Dolphin Pool Cleaner

We were really happy to find out that the manufacturers understood their customers. The users of this cleaner do not want any manual action and hence, incase of any service - the time required should be as less as possible.

Through proper design, you can replace any component within 10 minutes and this makes it very easy to maintain.

Powerful Brush System

Unlike other pool cleaners which leave the harmful bacteria in tact, this one does not spare any.

There can be over 21,000 different types of algae - it gets rid of all of them.

Moreover, it also gets rid of the biofilm that usually gets missed by other pool cleaners.

All of this is due to powerful brush system that dolphin premier robotic pool cleaner has.

Dual High RPM DC Motors

This is famous for its high ratio of torque to inertia and can provide up to five times it’s rated torque. All of this happens without any sort of stalling.

There is not just one but two on board DC motors. One of the motors is to drive the jet pump while the other one is used for propulsion.

A Tabular Comparison With Competitors

Since, there are a lot of other options available in the market, we decided to give you a comparison of this pool cleaner with other options that you could have.

dolphin premier robotic - robotic pool cleaner comparison table

Following table gives an overview of main features that are considered to be the most important in these type of robotic pool cleaners.



Dolphin Premier

Types of Available Media

Standard Bag with Cartridge

MicroCartridge Ultrafine Bag2 Micron

Bi-Directional Cleaning



Intelligent Navigation



Dual Media Capable



MultiMedia Capable



360 Degree Swivel



Remote Control



Variable Interval Timer Direct Drive



Energy Use (Watts)




1 year (full)

3 Years

A Quick Overview of Customer Reviews

So far, the reviews of most customers are quite satisfying…

In a nutshell, they are satisfied with…

Time of delivery, value of money and the features. 

One of the problems that was noticed among the reviews is unavailability of manufacturers to help you in case something goes wrong.

robotic pool cleaner reviews
The dealers will only help you if you purchased from them and then there have been cases where the manufacturers themselves direct you to contact the seller from whom you purchased the product. 

While this is a genuine problem - it rarely arises. The product is very easy to use and even you can fix small things. However, if you need a major fix for some reason then it might take some time to get the required assistance.

Other than that, you are good to go and with a large number of customer reviews speaking in favor of the quality and reliability of the product - we do not believe you will come across a major issue (if any).

Final Verdict

So, with this detailed review - we have come to the conclusion that among various other pool cleaners, Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner can provide great value of money, great experience and the best cleaning standards.

The main thing we loved about this product is that makes pool cleaning hassle free and makes your life easy. It does it by reducing the workload, management and also the electricity bill that you have to pay.


It comes with a three year warranty which you can avail here…

An important note about the warranty is that it only applies to North America. While you can still order the product and have it shipped abroad, it should be noted that the warranty does not apply outside the region of North America.