Above Ground Pool Vacuums

In today’s world vacuum cleaners are manufactured not just for peoples home but for their swimming pool also. Above ground pool vacuum cleaners are designed to provide maximum efficiency with minimum use of manual labor. Due to above ground pool vacuum now it is as easy to clean the swimming pool as it is to clean the carpet of your home. Most above ground pool vacuum cleaners are not completely automatic but they will surely get the pool very clean. The most recent technology has been applied to develop good above ground pool vacuum. Unlike pool cleaners which need electricity above ground pool vacuum do not need any additional electricity. Most above ground pool vacuum connect right to the filter system. Money can be saved buy using these as the electric bill will be less. The powerful suction can suck any sort of debris, dust, leaves, twigs etc. The above ground pool vacuum can clean almost any size of swimming pool. These above ground vacuum are custom designed to clean your swimming pool for you. The technology has been developed to bring a quite cleaning system for your backyard. Above Ground Swimming Pool PumpThe above ground pool vacuum helps to achieve quick cleaning patterns and smooth ride over the surface of the swimming pool. Another advantage about the above ground vacuum is that there are no rollers to get stuck or fall off. Another important feature of some above ground pool vacuum is that they have a ladder guard that ensures that cleaning continues even if there are some obstacles in the ladder. Also the average period of warranty for these gadgets is about 2 years.

There are basically four different types of above ground pool vacuum.

  1. Return side driven:- In this type of above ground pool vacuum water outflow that reaches back the swimming pool is used as locomotion and for debris suction.
  2. Pressure driven:- In this type of above ground pool vacuum, the functioning is almost same as return side driven the only variation is that water flow is caused by pressure which is created using a booster pump.
  3. Suction-side driven:-The water being pumped out of the swimming pool by the drains used for locomotion and debris suction.
  4. Electronic and Robotic:- An external power cord is required which plugs in outside the pool to make this type of above ground pool vacuum work.

The above ground pool vacuum offer sophisticated technology in their designs and in their operating system. If your looking to have an enjoyable time in your pool and actually hope to spend more time inside the pool than cleaning it, the above ground pool vacuum is a necessity. It is also quite easy to clean the bacteria and germs that get attached to the filtrations system over a period of time. The advanced above ground pool vacuum offer the latest technology and computerized system as well as a strong and powerful pump that suck debris and dust not only from the bottom of the pool but also the walls and the pool ladders. The above ground pool vacuum comes with a wireless remote and can be used easily from outside the pool to maneuver the gadget to clean the pool. The remote can even be set to spot cleaning if a quick cleaning is required.

These above ground pool cleaners are designed to clean standard residential pools up to 20×40 meters. You will notice a reduction in your electricity bill if you begin to use this power saving gadget. The above ground pool vacuum uses its own system to clean the pool the filter need not be run excessively.