Polaris 380 Pressure-side Review

The Polaris 380 Pressure-side Pool Cleaner is a pressure cleaner powered by triple jets. The Polaris 380 features an iconic three-while design and the all-wheel belt drive mechanism allows for a greater level of vacuum power and faster cleaning than other models. Able to vacuum, scrub, and sweep the bottom, steps and walls of any shape or size of pool it is used in, the Polaris 380 provides a spotless clean, and its unique filter bag removes any debris before it reaches the pump basket, prolonging the longevity of your pool filtration system.


Product Details

The Polaris 380 is capable of working on all in-ground pools of any shape and size, and is palatalized in multiples of sixteen units. The product comes with thirty-one feet of feed-hose and is powered by triple jets that allow for faster cleaning and stronger vacuum power. A back-up inline valve installed within the system automatically frees the machine should it get cornered within the pool, and keeps it cleaning without delay. This particular pool cleaner requires a booster pump that must be bought separately, as these are specifically designed to operate the cleaner at optimum efficiency.


As a pressure-side pool cleaner, the Polaris 380 has fantastic maneuverability that allows it to efficiently climb walls and move over stairs with ease, picking up large debris such as pebbles, acorns, and full leaves. By distributing heated water into the deepest areas of your pool, the Polaris 380 can typically clean your pool within a few hours, allowing you all the time in the world to enjoy it. Helping to prolong the life of your filtration system, the Polaris 380 collects the debris in your pool and deposits it before it has the chance to reach the filter or pump basket, meaning your time cleaning filters will be reduced by anywhere up to eighty percent.


  • Great water filtration and circulation
  • Reduced filter cleaning required
  • Unique filter bag holds debris in a single chamber
  • Triple jets for faster cleaning


  • Requires a booster pump to be bought separately
  • The feed-hose can tangle
  • Valves break easily
  • Parts can crack under pressure

What Customers Say

Owners of the Polaris 380 claim that it is a fantastic piece of equipment that climbs the walls of your pool easily and covers every inch of the surface you’re trying to clean, with a particularly useful bag that makes the product easy to clean. Performing just the way it claims to in the ads, the Polaris 380 climbs the walls, moving through the pool as it sucks up everything you don’t want to be there, including sand, silt, small rocks and leaves. In no time at all, it can give a pool-owner a great clean with little to no effort whatsoever.

Many people suggest that it would be a practically perfect cleaner were it not for the fact that there must be a separate pump running while the Polaris 380 is cleaning. Obviously, this makes the process significantly less energy efficient even if you are only running it for a couple of hours each day. Still, even in spite of this, the cleaner is a robust and good model, capable of giving many years of great service. Although the parts to eventually wear out, they do take a great deal of time before they need replacing, and the most common parts that you will have to fix are typically the tires and wheel bearings.

Warranties and Maintenance

A good, long-term warranty would be well received for this cleaner, as it can suffer with a few problems if you’re not aware of how to use it to the best of its ability.

The back-up valve of the cleaner must be installed at least fourteen to twenty inches away from it, and these valves do tend to fail reasonably often. If you want to know if your valve is working properly, you should lift it out of the water when the machine is running. If you find that water is spilling out on a continuous business and never stops, you are going to need a new one.

The quick disconnect features that attaches the product to the wall has various adjustments, and it is important to make sure that this part is not open all the way or there will not be enough pressure. These parts can break from pressure, so make sure to check for any evidence of a crack.


The Polaris 380 Pressure-side Pool Cleaner is a handy tool for any pool-owner, capable of providing a spotless clean in very little time whatsoever.