Polaris F9450 Sport Robotic Inground Swimming Pool Cleaner Vacuum 4-Wheel Drive Review

The new Polaris F9450 Sport Robotic Inground Swimming Pool Cleaner Vacuum 4-Wheel Drive is a new type of pool cleaner that allows better cleaning of the debris in the pool. It has been specifically designed for this purpose and it has many new features that allow it to clean the bottom of the pool, the stairs and avoid any type of obstacles that might be in the way, while picking up all the debris and the dirt. It is one of the few pool cleaners that clean everything, including the tile line of the pool using the specific brush it comes with.


Product details

This new type of pool cleaner uses new features and technologies that allow it to clean everything and all the debris, no matter the size or shape. The Vortex Vacuum Technology enables it to use the massive power suction it has and thus, scrub and capture all the debris, without missing anything. The 9450 Sport allows it to pass through the obstacles and not get caught in them, a very useful feature for the pools that have stairs. Another very useful feature is the filter canister that compared to other pool cleaners; it is 4 times larger and can, therefore, store many more debris than the regular pool cleaner. The Polaris 9450 has a very useful timer that can be used to customize certain cleaning cycle. The timer uses a 7 day program.


The Polaris F9450 is a powerful pool cleaner that has certain very useful features built in it. It is one of the best pool cleaners out there, particularly due to the new technologies it uses to gather all debris, no matter what kind, size or shape and that enable it not to get stuck in obstacles, while also cleaning stairs, deep steps and basically the whole pool. The huge filter canister that is four times larger than other pool cleaners that can be found on the market at the present moment is another useful feature, because this means that it does not have to emptied too often. When the canister does get full, a simple shake will relieve all the debris gathered. The built in timer is very useful, as the customer can simply set it, put it in the water, and leave it there for a full week even, thanks to the 7 day program the timer can be set on.


  • The huge canister that is 4 times larger than the usual one can gather many debris before needing to be emptied
  • The timer allows the user to simply set it and then leave it in the water. It also allows personalized cycles
  • It can gather any type of debris, no matter their size or shape
  • The technology it has doesn’t allow it to get stuck in obstacles
  • It can be set to clean both the pool water and also the stairs, the deep steps and the tile line
  • The canister can easily be empties, with a single shake



  • It is quite expensive

Customer reviews

So far, the customers that have bought this particular model of a pool cleaner are pleased with it. The best feature they always mention is the fact that the Polaris F9450 can avoid the obstacles that might come in its path and, besides cleaning the water of all the debris, it also cleans the bottom, the sides and most importantly, the tile line of the pool using the powerful brush. Another feature customers loved about the Polaris is the fact that the time that it runs can be personalized in specific cycles, after which the customer can leave it in the pool for days at a time. Whenever they wish for it to come to the surface, a simple press of a button can lift the whole machine to the surface.


The warranty for this particular model is of 2 years after the purchase has been made.


The Polaris F9450 is a very powerful pool cleaner that is specifically designed for picking up all sorts of debris. The new technologies it features are extremely helpful for this task, but the downside of this particular model is the price. However, it is worth every penny.