The Poolcleaner 896584000020 4X Suction for Concrete Pool Review

The Poolcleaner, suction pool cleaner for use in concrete pools, 896584000020 is a four-wheeled suction based side-cleaner designed for the purpose of cleaning larger pools, pools intended for diving, and older models that have not been created with a particular suction line. Every cleaner within the range has been made to an outstanding standard, using only the best quality of materials to ensure that the product is robust and sturdy for years to come.

Product Details

The Poolcleaner comes with a set of patented turbines, which are capable of adjusting themselves to maximize the absolute best power from water flow. Because the turbine is similar to a small paddle wheel, using adjustable blades, the feature means that the poolcleaner is capable of moving slowly, with low amounts of pressure and suction if necessary. The flexible vanes inside of the machine’s turbine allow large debris to pass through the cleaner easily. There are various different patterns programmed into the machine available to choose from, which allow you to decide which gives the best clean for you, and the product itself has no problems dealing with strange shapes or bumpy surfaces, meaning it won’t get stuck in a corner like some other cleaners. Because the tire-treads are particularly robust, they allow the machine to easily climb the sides of the pool, and they come with indicators that inform you when you will need to replace them.


This suction-side pool cleaner comes with a patented use of four wheel drive technology, meaning that in combination with the fantastically designed tire treads, this cleaner is more capable than others are when it comes to battling obstacles and dealing with issues that would stop other machines in their path. The tires at the front of the machine come with bumpy areas that make it easier for the poolcleaner to climb over small obstacles and raised or wobbly surfaces, making it the ideal tool for pools of various shapes.


  • Durable, patented wheel technology that makes obstacles easy to overcome
  • Various patterns to choose from
  • Patented turbines for optimum water flow
  • Adjustable blades
  • Flexible blades
  • Indicators on wheels tell you when they need replacing


  • Vinyl pools require a separate set of tires which are sold separately
  • May need to order an extra length of hose

What Customers Say

Customers say that they found the set-up and use of the product to be particularly simple, as the directions given were very straightforward and helpful. Once the machine is running, it provides a good amount of cleaning, getting rid of great quantities of debris around the pool and leaving it looking spotless.

Those who own the product are impressed with its capability to easily move over or around objects in its path, and the fact that it can climb the walls of a pool easily. Although they mention that it can get a little confused for a couple of seconds when dealing with a step, it automatically corrects itself when this happens so that there is no lasting problem, or need to deal with the cleaner yourself.

Owners also comment that the open part at the bottom of the machine is large enough to allow it to inhale avocado leaves and acorns, so if you find that your pool often suffers with the impact of large debris, this could be the ideal cleaner for you. Although there are undoubtedly limits with any cleaner, this one seems to be unbeatable when it comes to all-out performance.

Warranties and Maintenance

The item comes with a one year limited warranty, and it is possible to download everything you need to know about it from the owner’s manual using the company website. Although the warranty only lasts for a year, consumers find it to be particularly robust and efficient, and within a year, most people found that they had absolutely no issues in need of fixing.


A fantastic piece of machinery, the Poolcleaner, suction pool cleaner for use in concrete pools, 896584000020 blows other pieces of equipment out of the water. Users love it for its amazing durability, with some claiming that even after four to five years, they still haven’t seen a problem with the nifty machine. Providing an excellent clean, for a fantastic price, the Poolcleaner gives customers the confidence that other machines don’t.