Zodiac F5B Polaris Vac-Sweep 280 Black Max Pressure Side Pool Cleaner Review

The new Zodiac F5B Polaris Vac-Sweep 280 Black Max Pressure Side Pool Cleaner is, as the name suggests, a new model of side pool cleaner. The new advantages it brings compared to the other side pool cleaners that can be found in today’s market include the pressure that it uses to clean the sides of the pool, the fact that it can work in any type of in-ground pools and the 35 feet of hose that it comes with. The downside is however, the fact that it has to be connected to a Polaris booster pump.

Product details

The Zodiac F5B is one of the most popular Zodiac side pool cleaners. It is preferred compared to other types of side pool cleaners due to the fact that it works in all the types of in-ground pools, and because of the powerful double jets that clean all the dirt that gets caught on the side pool cleaners very easily and fast-in about 3 hours or so. The cleaning process includes sweeping, scrubbing and vacuuming of all the surfaces of the pool, including the sides, the bottoms and the walls of any type of in ground pool. This model of Zodiac side pool cleaner runs off on a separate booster pump and comes with a 31 feet of feed hose, so it will be enough for any pool size. It also comes with a single chamber filter bag used to store all the debris gathered in the cleaning process.


This particular model of side pool cleaner created by Zodiac can be considered perfect for any type of pool. The 31 feet long feed hose is enough for any pool size, so the customer doesn’t have to buy the hose alone. The downside is that it requires a Polaris booster pump which has to be purchased separately, but the side pool cleaner itself is a great acquisition for the price. The cleaning process involves multiple steps that include the sweeping, scrubbing and vacuuming of the surfaces of the pool. For a small price, it does its job correctly, although it can become a nuisance if there are windows near the pool, as the double water jets are quite powerful and can spread water everywhere.


·         It has two powerful jets that can clean all the dirt and the debris easily

·         It sweeps, scrubs and vacuums

·         It works on all types of pools, as long as they’re in-ground

·         It cleans the sides, the bottom of the pool and the walls of it

·         It comes with a 31 feet of feed hose, enough for any pool size


·         The Polaris booster pump has to be bought separately

·         The jets are powerful and if there are any open windows near the pool, the owners must make sure they are closed when the Zodiac F5B is turned on

Customer reviews

All the customers that bought the Zodiac F5B Polaris Vac-Sweep 280 Black Max Pressure Side Pool Cleaner have been pleased with their purchase. Most of them are pleased with the main feature of this pool cleaner- the cleaning process and the surfaces that it can clean. The cleaning process uses two powerful jets that sweep, scrub and vacuum all the debris and all of this is stored in a one chamber filter bag. Although the cleaning process is thorough, so as to remove all the debris that covers the walls of the pool, the bottom of it and the sides it does take a few hours for everything to be completed. Anyways, most customers turn their pool cleaners on when the pool isn’t in use, thus avoiding the need to swim in a dirty pool.


The warranty for this particular model of Zodiac F5B is for one year, but there may be chances to find versions of this machine with longer warranties based on where it is purchased from.


The Zodiac F5B is one of the most popular side pool cleaners, and for a good reason. For the low price that is sold, this particular model has a thorough cleaning process that involves sweeping, scrubbing and vacuuming of all the debris that are found on the bottom, the walls and the sides of the pool. It is a great cleaner and satisfaction is guaranteed to any pool owner.